Ferry Meštrović, Interview with …

Ferry Meštrović, Interview with…
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In this short self-inter­view, I try to give you an idea of who I am and what my role at Fad­ing­Mu­sic is, as well as how it was found­ed and what my future goals are.

Can you tell some­thing about yourself?

My name is Fer­ry Meštro­vić, at the time of this inter­view, a 28-year-old man who lives in a small vil­lage in Zee­land, Netherlands. 

I stud­ied com­put­er engi­neer­ing and grad­u­at­ed in 2014. My hob­bies are old com­put­ers, game con­soles and of course writ­ing music. I work as a con­tent man­ag­er at an online web store and in my free time, I run a small music stu­dio called Fad­ing­Mu­sic. My dream is to start my own inde­pen­dent record label and make a full album and release it worldwide.

How did you start writ­ing music?

Music has always played an impor­tant role in my life since I was very young. Whether it was music from a video game or an old cas­sette that I lis­tened to, it always seems to evoke some kind of emo­tion­al response that I can link to a cer­tain time in my life. 

In my teenage years, I was often fool­ing around with a low-qual­i­ty com­put­er micro­phone that you could mount on a CRT-mon­i­tor using the Win­dows sound recorder to make my record­ings. I played around with pitch and oth­er effects, it was fun to do. Some­how, I found a way to make mul­ti­track record­ings on the com­put­er, I start­ed doing this with a friend to make hilar­i­ous record­ings, which lat­er result­ed in a side project. At one point I asked myself what would hap­pen if I tried to write a song? I believe it was in 2005 that I actu­al­ly start­ed writ­ing music. I loved to do it.

In 2005, I bought my first MIDI con­troller with a dynam­ic micro­phone and start­ed work­ing on my first song. Jump­ing ahead to ear­ly 2007, I bought a more advanced MIDI con­troller, a con­denser micro­phone and a high-qual­i­ty audio inter­face. With these instru­ments, I had the means to make qual­i­ty record­ings for the first time. At the end of 2007, I fin­ished and released my first EP, which I dis­trib­uted via the inter­net. Writ­ing my first EP was a very inter­est­ing process that gave me a very sat­is­fy­ing and proud feeling. 

Look­ing back on these days, I feel that I have grown as an artist, I have become more aware of what I am writ­ing about.

What moti­vat­ed you to write music?

Death is an inevitable con­se­quence of life, I find these thoughts very fright­en­ing. Cre­at­ing some­thing helps me to give my life a pur­pose and to deal with these feel­ings of fear and despair. Some­thing that you have made is your lega­cy to the world, in a way, you con­tin­ue to live in oth­ers who are will­ing to embrace your work. 

There were oth­er things that prompt­ed me to write music too. I dis­cov­ered a band that real­ly moved me, I want­ed to make some­thing just like that. Writ­ing music has also become a way to deal with per­son­al prob­lems and to give it closure.

How was Fad­ing­Mu­sic founded?

When I had the means to help me make the music I want­ed to record, I want­ed to use it as a way to con­nect with oth­er peo­ple. I want­ed to help oth­ers write music so that I could learn more about the process of writ­ing and record­ing music. This led to the idea of Fad­ing­Mu­sic, a record label designed by artists to help oth­er artists. 

The name Fad­ing­Mu­sic is derived from an unfin­ished song that I worked on dur­ing my first EP.

What is your per­son­al goal?

My per­son­al goal is to sum­ma­rize my youth in music, and I also want to cre­ate an inde­pen­dent record label that focus­es sole­ly on get­ting the best out of artists.

This con­cludes my self-inter­view, thank you for reading.

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