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New Album

By gain­ing expe­ri­ence through an ever-grow­ing list of live per­for­mances and thanks to the com­plex­i­ty of adding orches­tral arrange­ments, Fire With­in and their music have matured and are ready to rise to a new lev­el. “The songs sound more devel­oped than the songs on the debut album, it is quite audi­ble that there is growth in the band.” After their suc­cess­ful self-titled debut album from 2014, the band is now work­ing on cre­at­ing new mate­r­i­al for their sec­ond album, which is expect­ed to be record­ed in David Grohl’s famous Stu­dio 606 in Los Ange­les under the super­vi­sion of Matt Starr some­time next year.

Invited by Matt Starr

In the first place we thought it was not real, but to be sure we decided to respond to his message, shortly after that we had a video call with him.

Robbin van de Bor
The amaz­ing live per­for­mances and the rapid­ly grow­ing fan base of Fire With­in, which has been esca­lat­ing on var­i­ous of social media plat­forms, has cer­tain­ly not gone unno­ticed by Matt Starr, an Amer­i­can drum­mer, singer, song­writer and pro­duc­er who aims to coach and accom­pa­ny young tal­ents. After Matt Starr dis­cov­ered Fire With­in, he did not hes­i­tate and con­tact­ed the band to invite them to record an EP or a full album under his super­vi­sion in David Grohl’s famous Stu­dio 606 in Los Ange­les.
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In order to real­ize Star­r’s invi­ta­tion, the band needs at least 12,000 euros to record an EP to cov­er the costs. The band will ask their fans to make a dona­tion via crowd­fund­ing in exchange for a CD with the sig­na­tures of the band mem­bers or even a pri­vate per­for­mance. “Nat­u­ral­ly, Matt Starr will also cre­ate the nec­es­sary fol­low­ers who hope­ful­ly will donate.” Finan­cial­ly, the EP is most attrac­tive to the band, but they still hope to be able to raise enough mon­ey for a full album, which will cost them around 30,000 euros.

The crowd­fund­ing cam­paign is expect­ed to start in Octo­ber 2018 and end in April 2019 after which they will leave for Amer­i­ca to make the record­ings for their new album.

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