Nine Inch Nails Release Ghosts V‑VI

Nine Inch Nails Ghosts V-VI Cover
Cover for Ghosts V-VI by Nine Inch Nails

It’s been a while since the release of Ghosts I‑IV, released March 2, 2008, labeled as “Sound­track for Daydreams”.

Now, more than a decade lat­er, Nine Inch Nails releas­es its fol­lowup Ghosts V — VI, half of which can eas­i­ly be labeled “Sound­track for Night­mares” because that’s what it feels like to live in the world today as the world is plagued by the new COVID-19.

Although COVID-19 was not tak­en seri­ous­ly at first, anx­i­ety increas­es as more peo­ple are affect­ed and deaths occur, even among young peo­ple. No mat­ter how rich and famous you are or where you live, you are not safe and help is lim­it­ed. As a mea­sure, the world is large­ly put in lock­down to mod­er­ate the spread of the virus, leav­ing many peo­ple hoard­ing and feel­ing iso­lat­ed, long­ing for human connection.

While iso­la­tion can be a men­tal chal­lenge for some under these cir­cum­stances, oth­ers are able to con­vert this ener­gy into some­thing mean­ing­ful to stay some­what sane.

As the news seems to get grim­mer by the hour, we’ve found our­selves vac­il­lat­ing wild­ly between feel­ing like there may be hope at times to utter despair — often chang­ing minute by minute. although each of us defines our­selves as anti­so­cial types who pre­fer to be alone, this sit­u­a­tion has real­ly made us appre­ci­ate the pow­er and neces­si­ty of connection.

Music — whether you lis­ten to it, think about it or cre­ate it — has always been the thing that has helped us get through every­thing — good or bad. With that in mind, we decid­ed to burn the mid­night oil and com­plete these new ghosts records as a means of stay­ing some­what sane. 

Trent Reznor & Atti­cus Ross


Ghosts V: Together

  1. Let­ting Go While Hold­ing On
  2. Togeth­er
  3. Out In The Open
  4. With Faith
  5. Apart
  6. Your Touch
  7. Hope We Can Again
  8. Still Right Here

Ghosts VI: Locusts

  1. The Cursed Clock
  2. Around Every Corner
  3. The Wor­ri­ment Waltz
  4. Run Like Hell
  5. When It Hap­pens (Don’t Mind Me)
  6. Anoth­er Crashed Car
  7. Temp Fix
  8. Trust Fades
  9. A Real­ly Bad Night
  10. Your New Normal
  11. Just Breathe
  12. Right Behind You
  13. Turn This Off Please
  14. So Tired
  15. Almost Dawn



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