Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross deconstruct ‘The Lovers’

Nine Inch Nails The Lovers
The Lovers by Nine Inch Nails

The Lovers

“The Lovers” is the sec­ond track on the 2017 EP Add Vio­lence. Its lyrics seem to tie in close­ly with “Dear World,”. The song fea­tures an instru­ment called the Lumin­ist Gar­den, which was also used on the Gone Girl Sound­track.
Trent Reznor and Atti­cus Ross sat down with Song Exploder to break down the song ‘The Lovers’ and talk about how the song con­nects to a dark peri­od of Reznor’s life dur­ing his strug­gle with addic­tion to draw inspi­ra­tion for this song.

Luminist Garden

The Lumin­ist Gar­den cre­at­ed by Arius Blaze — one of the finest and sweet­est sound­ing folk­tek works. This work is an expand­ed ver­sion of the Micro Gar­den, capa­ble of mak­ing lush choral waves and entire com­po­si­tions as a stand­alone work. The expand­ed sound­board has mul­ti­ple pick­ups that run into the delay — which offers time set­tings from extreme­ly tight notat­ed repeats to about 1.5 sec­onds with near infi­nite unde­cay­ing feed­back that essen­tial­ly acts as a loop­er allow­ing one to make beats by tap­ping the board and pluck­ing or rub­bing the strings.
Here are some pic­tures of the Lumin­ist Gar­den, the sound manip­u­la­tor made by Folk­tek that’s used on “The Lovers.”



You can get “The Lovers” on iTunes and the Add Vio­lence EP on vinyl here.

Source | Song Exploders / Folk­tek

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