Welcome to FadingMusic

What is FadingMusic?

Fad­ing­Mu­sic is a non-prof­it project stu­dio, which has been found­ed in late 2007 by Fer­ry Meštrović.
The idea behind Fad­ing­Mu­sic is to help local artists cre­ate, record and show­case their work.
It is also a source for news, reviews, and inter­views about main­ly, but not lim­it­ed to local musicians.

What’s new?

New design

Fad­ing­Mu­sic’s design has been changed to meet our needs.
The design is opti­mized for all mod­ern web browsers and is user-friendly.


Fad­ing­Mu­sic now uses an HTTPS/SSL con­nec­tion to secure the data of our users.
Var­i­ous oth­er secu­ri­ty opti­miza­tions have been per­formed to pre­vent unau­tho­rized access or spam.


Fad­ing­Mu­sic is host­ed by trust­wor­thy and speedy host­ing and data­base servers from PCex­treme.
To serve our sta­t­ic con­tent as fast as pos­si­ble, we use a fast CDN (Con­tent Deliv­ery Net­work) to meet the high­est demands.

Social login

You can sign up by log­ging in with your favorite social media account.
The advan­tages of social media login:

  • No need to fill in reg­is­tra­tion forms
  • No need to ver­i­fy your e‑mail account
  • It will auto­mat­i­cal­ly use your social media avatar
  • Safe and secure as Fad­ing­Mu­sic uses the offi­cial Social Media API’s that uses a secure connection

Profile system

You can reg­is­ter for an account and start shap­ing your own pro­file by upload­ing a cus­tom avatar, cre­ate your own forum sig­na­ture or add a nickname.
Reg­is­ter­ing to our web­site lets you par­tic­i­pate in our forums and enables you to sign up as an artist as well!

Interviews and Reviews

Fad­ing­Mu­sic has added an Inter­view and Review sec­tion to its repository
We will cov­er the lat­est inter­views and reviews of main­ly, but not lim­it­ed to local musicians.

Photos (beta)

Fad­ing­Mu­sic was in need of a pho­to sec­tion, so this was one of our main focus while build­ing its design.
In the pho­to sec­tion, you will find var­i­ous album art of our par­tic­i­pat­ing and local artists and live acts.

FadingMusic Forums

Fad­ing­Mu­sic Forums is a com­mu­ni­ty for every­one who likes to talk about music and share ideas.
You can post com­ments, start a top­ic and even sub­scribe to top­ics to receive updates.

If you have found a spelling error, please, noti­fy us by select­ing that text and press­ing Ctrl+Enter.

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