Joseph Black - Excipere

Joseph Black

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Released on 6th of February 2015 through social media, Excipere is a self-titled single by Joseph Black.

Excipere is quite an emotional song that seem to tell about someone who is willing to sacrifice everything, including himself, to safe another and visa versa in that sense. With immersive guitar riffs and crushing drums, excipere is clearly an “in your face” and straight forward song that is bound to rock anyone off their feet during a live concert. Something about the chorus reminds me of the band “The New Regime“.

There are some noticeable imperfections, such as over processed vocals and timing differentials that can get quite bothersome after a while, but taking into account that this is a rough sketch of a song that is planned to be professionally recorded in a studio for a full fledged album, it’s quite an excellent and representative song.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the song’s emotional involvement and production quality. I’m looking forward to listening to his full album in the near future.

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