Paco Lous: I Don’t Know

Cover for I don't know

“I don’t know” is a heart­warm­ing song that seems to tell a sto­ry about some­thing I think every­body can relate to. Although the sound qual­i­ty may lack due to its home record­ing nature, it’s a very pleas­ant and pow­er­ful song.

The intro starts qui­et­ly, fol­lowed by an acoustic gui­tar that grad­u­al­ly adds veloc­i­ty through­out the song. The lyrics begin with a pos­i­tive atti­tude, but is quick­ly over­shad­owed by a fear of judge­ment.

I’m won­der­ing why I still look sad to you, I’m not sad at all

The refrain is very expres­sive and mem­o­rable, It exudes a feel­ing of despair, espe­cial­ly in this ver­sion record­ing.
“I don’t know” is one of those tracks that let your mind drift away into anoth­er world.

Over­all an excel­lent song for a rough demo, I hope to some­day hear a com­plet­ed stu­dio record­ing.

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