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Not the Actual Events
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The new Nine Inch Nails record Not The Actual Events is available NOW, along with any other high-resolution downloads that went live in the store last week.

One day before it's announced release date, Nine Inch Nails released their second studio EP 'Not The Actual Events' to those who pre-ordered it online. Thinking I had to wait one more day, it was a very nice surprise. The EP finds Trent Reznor and now official bandmate Atticus Ross taking an unexpected left turn from 2013’s Hesitation Marks and sounding unrecognizable from their current film work. “It’s an unfriendly, fairly impenetrable record that we needed to make” says Reznor. “It’s an EP because that ended up being the proper length to tell that story.”

Not the Actual Events is unlike anything I've ever heard from Nine Inch Nails, it's almost like an alternate reality. The album cover reminds me of 'Still' from the double album 'And All That Could Have Been', but appears to be an absolute opposite in terms of music. Using screaming synth's, punching drums larger then life and, at the first couple of listens, mostly unintelligible lyrics, Nine Inch Nails gets in touch with a unprecedented energy.

At first, I didn't quite understand what I was listening to. It sounded somewhat disappointing, expecting that it would sound something like their previous albums. These feelings were soon to be taken away from the moment I listened to it again, and it gets even better with every time I listen to it. You won't be able to understand and appreciate the full extent of this EP within the first couple of listens, it's definitely not something you'll want to listen to while doing something else, you really need to sit down, close your eyes and just listen.

'Not the Actual Events' is an impenetrable, refreshing and truly remarkable EP that needs a couple of listenings to be fully appreciated and understood. Only time will reveal the story that Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross is trying to tell.

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2 Responses

  1. Greg Scopinich says:

    Agree 100% I got the notification early this morning at 3:45 am and by trying to preview it quickly while in bed and i thought it was very odd and not of great quality… when I left for work I put it on again as I traveled in, by the time I got to work I had listened to it front to back 2 and a half full times… and Now I think bits awesome and really challenges the listener to LISTEN not passively hear. It’s like a Fight to understand what your listening to the first couple times but then becomes more like a choreographed wrestling match planned in advance to shock and anger you on purpose but to then Finally realize it’s Genius…. I love it

  2. Skidmore says:

    What I hear in this album is a testimony of after going through the stations of coming to Christ in Year Zero. What he sees with his new eyes, us asleep, him knowing savation wanting us to know what he has come to know.

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