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With Teeth
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With Teeth (stylized as [WITH_TEETH]) is the fourth studio album by Nine Inch Nails, released on May 3, 2005, by Interscope Records. The album was produced by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and long-time collaborator Alan Moulder. It was Reznor’s first original studio album since The Fragile, released in 1999. Reznor has indicated that the album is influenced by his battle with, and recovery from, alcoholism and substance abuse between albums. The album generated three singles: ”The Hand That Feeds”, “Only”, and “Every Day Is Exactly the Same”.

With Teeth is a fresh, raw sounding and without a doubt one of the purest albums that drags Nine Inch Nails back to its roots. Its tracks range from the softest to the most aggressive sounding melodies, full of newfound energy. With catchy songs like “The Hand That Feeds” this album guarantees to get everyone off their feet. The album is full of banging drums, screaming synths and very powerful lyrics that punches you straight in the face, like saying “Look at what you’ve become, you need to wake up and get your shit together”. And that’s probably what Trent meant while writing this album, as he was recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

While being a very straightforward album, With Teeth addresses both personal and political issues and will get you emotionally involved. First, it may sound like a minimalist album, but there are tons of sounds hidden between the grooves that will reveal itself over time. The sound quality is exceptionally good, ranging from standard CD up to audiophile 24-bit 48 kHz in surround sound and  24-bit 96 kHz in stereo, which was a very modern audio standard at the time and still is today. And of course, Alan Moulder made sure that the content came into its own.

The definitive version of With Teeth, is now being meticulously prepared by Trent Reznor and NIN art director John Crawford. I highly recommend you to check it out!

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