FadingMusic: Fading Memory EP

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Fad­ing Mem­o­ry EP has some nice sound­ing tracks for a demo. It has a lot of mem­o­rable tracks such as “She’s the One” (which was lat­er released as a new ver­sion record­ing) and “Chances”.

Due to its home record­ing stu­dio nature, their record­ings do have some flaws, such as tech­ni­cal sound issues and a lack of pol­ished record­ings. Despite its flaws, Fad­ing Mem­o­ry EP makes for a decent demo record­ing that pro­vokes all kinds of emo­tions. The EP tracks are sim­i­lar to one anoth­er, but at the same time they each sound and feel dif­fer­ent.

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