FadingMusic: She’s the One

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She’s the One is a dream­like and emo­tion­al song that seems to revolve around love. It’s one of those songs that gives you goose­bumps but at the same time, you know that you shouldn’t lis­ten to it for too many times.

The song begins with a sooth­ing pad, which is pleas­ant to lis­ten to. Short­ly after, the pad is fol­lowed by a piano and vocal that sounds mel­low and iso­lat­ed.
The first obvi­ous thing you’ll notice is that the first few words almost ini­tial­ly give away what the song is about.

I nev­er thought we would sep­a­rate in two, if only I knew.

The intro is quite long and could make one wants to skip this part, but right when you’re about to click the mouse but­ton, an explo­sion of sound is thrown right at you. There’s a lot going on in terms of track instru­ments. Drums, gui­tars, synth pad, vocal, they all seem to fill the spec­trum nice­ly. Still, I wait for some­thing more to hap­pen in the pre-cho­rus.  But then it dims back to a more mel­low and iso­lat­ed song again, which is a shame.

The bridge’s lyrics are very short but con­tains some pow­er­ful lyrics. I feel a lot of ten­sion going on because I real­ly want to hear the cho­rus. Like after the intro, again an explo­sion of sound is thrown at your ears and the spec­trum is filled with instru­ments, back­ground vocals and an elec­tric gui­tar pad as an intro for the song.

Accord­ing to the artist, there should’ve been lyrics at the end of She’s the One, but due to cir­cum­stances beyond his con­trol, he was nev­er able to record that part before he sent in the song for mixing.

She’s the One is a very dream­like and emo­tion­al song that I think most peo­ple can relate toIt’s a very promis­ing song that would have sound­ed bet­ter with a prop­er bass sound and a strong chorus.

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